Melting Crystal
“Remember me when you do pray, that hope doth lead from day to day." (Anne Boleyn)
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Around second half of 20th century the process of suburbanisation drove many people from the city centres to the country leaving large areas in inner cities neglected. With time their place was taken by a new generation of professionals - yuppies - who breathed new life into the old centres. Such process was named gentrification.
Observing this revertive process we can see positive and negative aspects of it. Many examples of gentrification of abandoned areas and ghettos indeed show that these areas became very prestigious and populated. At the same time due to their own detachment from the old traditions and values such as family and their disposition to new achievements they thought more of profit than of social fairness. Many people from the deprived layers of the society had to leave their homes because of the increase in prices for housing.
We will still see which fruit the process of gentrification bears in the next years, and that is why it is necessary to monitor it. Gentrification's advocates should come up with new solutions for the existent problems. In the meantime we also could start looking for the other ways to bring life to the abandoned areas of the cities.

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